This year's tournament season is slowly winding down and we're already preparing for the next one! The Warsaw Go Club along with the Polish Go Association would like to invite you to the second edition of the Winter Warsaw Go Tourney! After the success of the last year's competition we decided to continue organizing the duo of main tournaments in Warsaw. We invite everyone, both veteran and beginner players, to join!


Prize pool

Thanks to the generous support of the Polish Go Association, players participating in the tourney will be fighting for prize money from a pool of 1200 PLN (about 281 EUR)! The pool will be split between the top places as follows:

We also prepared a number of item prizes for players who manage to win six or more games, for the best kyu player outside of the top-bar group and in other categories. Aside from the Go books from the Mastering the Basics and Get Strong at series, the players will also be able to win a set containing a goban and a pair of gosu with stones!

Entry fee

No entry fee! If you'd like to support organization of future tournaments, watch out for the tip jar ;)


4th of January, Saturday:

5th of January, Sunday:

6th of January, Monday:

The schedule, despite specifying rather precise hours, is known to shift throughout the day. Because of this, we want to begin the first games on both days as soon as possible, so we introduced an additional rule - in the first, fourth and seventh rounds, all stopped clocks will be started by the referee fifteen minutes after the planned beginning of the round! Please take this into consideration when planning your mornings.

Important note for players coming from abroad - on the second day of the tourney, Sunday, all supermarkets along with the majority of smaller convenience and grocery stores will be closed!


The tourney will take place at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, located at the Koszykowa Street 75 (on the central campus of the Warsaw University of Technology). It's the same building where the first Winter Warsaw Go Tourney in 2019 took place.


Registered players


A couple of members of the Warsaw Go Club have offered to host other players during the tourney. The easiest way to reach out to them would be through the webpage of the Polish Go players' group on Facebook. Alternatively, you can send requests for such accommodation to our e-mail address,

For those who prefer individual accommodation, we have prepared links to listings of tourist offers in Warsaw on selected web services, and HomeAway.