It's slowly getting warmer, the days are getting longer... It sounds like a great time to play some Go! Warsaw Go Club along with Polish Go Association and Google Campus Warsaw would like to invite all Go players from around the world for the forty-second instance of the annual Warsaw Go Tourney, this year combined with a qualifier for the Polish Championship 2019! We encourage all of you - small and large, younger and older, beginners and veterans - to join us and play together in the capital. The tourney will take place on the 11th and 12th of May at Google's Campus Warsaw - we hope to meet you there!


Prize pool

Thanks to the generous support of the Polish Go Association, players participating in the tourney will be fighting for prize money from a pool of 3000 PLN (about 700 EUR)! The pool will be split between the top places as follows:

We are also preparing additional item prizes for players who finish the tournament with four and five wins, as well as other special prizes. More details soon!

Entry fee

Players who would like to register in the tournament will have to pay a fee of 30 PLN (around 7 EUR). The fee can be paid during the participants check at the venue, before the first round, or by wire transfer to the bank account of the Polish Go Association. We prepared the following discounts:

The early registration discount will apply to players who register for the tourney through the form on this page or via e-mail; the moment of payment is not taken into consideration. The details of the bank account of the Polish Go Association are as follows:


11th of May, Saturday:

12th of May, Sunday:

This year's general annual meeting of Polish Go Association will take place during the tourney, after the games for the first day have concluded.

The schedule, despite specifying rather precise hours, is known to shift throughout the day. Because of this, we want to begin the first games on both days as soon as possible, so we introduced an additional rule - in the first and fourth rounds, all stopped clocks will be started by the referee ten minutes after the planned beginning of the round! Please take this into consideration when planning your mornings.

Important note for players coming from abroad - on the second day of the tourney, Sunday, all supermarkets along with the majority of smaller convenience and grocery stores will be closed!


The tourney will take place at Google's Campus Warsaw, located at the Konesera Square 10. It's the same building that Warsaw Go Tourney 2017 took place in. The easiest way to get there from the centre would be to take the tram line 7 from the Central Railway Station to the Warsaw East station and take a short stroll down the Korsaka, Ząbkowska and Nieporęcka streets.


Registered players


A couple of members of the Warsaw Go Club have offered to host other players during the tourney. The easiest way to reach out to them would be through the webpage of the Polish Go players' group on Facebook. Alternatively, you can send requests for such accommodation to our e-mail address,

For those who prefer individual accommodation, we have prepared links to listings of tourist offers in Warsaw on selected web services, and HomeAway.


In case of questions, we recommend contacting us through the event's page on Facebook or by sending a direct message through the club's page; we respond there the quickest.